Ryan Virga

Ryan is a designer focused on the multiple mediums of design, working out of his little studio in the heart of San Francisco.

Hello! I am a front end fanatic who is highly passionate about all things design. My specialty lies in the fact that I am always thinking of a design’s possibility across media. My knowledge and expertise in diverse design programs—ranging from Adobe Suite to motion graphic applications such as Final Cut Pro and After Effects to coding in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and more—enables me to think of creative solutions across the design process.

 I have been in the field for 4 years now crafting websites, videos, logos, posters, and magazines for a local SF agency while at the same time keeping busy with freelance work. It’s been a manic couple of years to say the least but I am nevertheless still in love with what I do!

I carry a strong passion for new technologies, code standards, doing things right and intuitive user experiences. I feel these are very important aspects to any developer and bring them to each and every project I work on without exceptions.

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