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Prior to my engagement with their website, Acura was ranked 9th out of 15 by JD Power for site performance in comparison to competitors. The challenges encompassed perplexing navigation and an unfavorable mobile experience. Moreover, outdated creative content and space-consuming existing content led to half of site visitors failing to complete their journey.

By introducing a novel social media module, refining menu navigation, enhancing mobile usability, and streamlining page content to feature essential elements, I orchestrated a transformative shift from subpar to seamless site performance. This culminated in Acura ascending to the top spot in the JD Power ranking, validated by consumer feedback. The recognition of Best Consumer Website and the #1 navigation ranking further attested to the newfound clarity and excellence of the website.


Gaining insight into a user’s intricate car-buying journey spurred the inception of a novel initiative encompassing a test and targeting system. This innovative approach involves tracking user interactions on the site to optimize guiding them toward the next step in discovering their ideal vehicle.

For instance, tailored layouts are presented to first-time visitors, gauging their interest in relevant awards when searching for a car. If users explore competitors’ sites and return to ours, we display the layout they encountered, facilitating comparisons. When users progress to customizing their vehicle, their selections are stored, and pricing options are presented for their consideration. This streamlined process enhances efficiency for customers seeking their perfect vehicle.

Augmented Reality

Elevating the racing lifestyle to a prominent facet, Acura proudly emphasizes precision performance both on the track and on the road. Infusing this essence into an Augmented Reality (AR) experience tailored for Acura’s racetrack visitors demanded a strategic approach. Acknowledging the transient nature of racing, where moments pass in the blink of an eye, was fundamental.

This innovative AR endeavor aims to provide speed enthusiasts with comprehensive statistics encompassing both the car and the driver. It delves into records, techniques, and offers an immersive perspective from the driver’s seat. This experience grants enthusiasts a window into the world of racing beyond the surface.


Strategically aligning with Acura’s image, particularly in motorsports, my design approach aims to evoke an intense adventure, stimulating the senses and resonating with the spirit of motorsports enthusiasts. The pursuit is to seamlessly intertwine precision and exhilaration in every layout and video, fostering a profound connection between Acura and the racing experience.