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How did we do it?

The inception of each idea takes root in a structured whiteboard session, during which we delineate concepts and formulate ideas using visual aids and sticky notes. Subsequently, we engage in a comprehensive problem-definition phase, actively identifying novel challenges, and ultimately crafting innovative design solutions.

Final Results

After developing three high-fidelity alternatives, user feedback from individuals aged 20-45 seeking new vehicles guided our assessment. The option emphasizing storytelling and vibrant color schemes resonated the most, leading to the convergence of concepts 2 and 3 into a final iteration. This design, currently in use, focuses on infusing human-centric imagery across Toyota pages, with color palettes extracted from each image for effective communication. A key innovation includes a seamless online vehicle purchasing process, revolutionizing the traditional dealership model and providing users the convenience of trading in and purchasing vehicles entirely online, reshaping the vehicle purchasing journey for an enhanced customer experience.