I had the exciting opportunity to work with Acura to innovate their website and ultimately promote brand awareness, further driving vehicle sales. Acura’s digital presence was falling behind when compared to competitors and current trends in the car industry. I sought to re-design their site with a simple yet memorable user experience for a younger, more technology driven target market.

My goal for Acura was to develop new ways customers can learn more about the brand through a unique website experience. With a redesign of site templates to make them more mobile friendly, they will see an increase in traffic flow and navigation. Additional developments made include implementing ways to test and target customers, editing animated or looping video, and experimenting with AR. Acura has seen great improvements online with more still to come!


Before my work on their website, JD Power ranked Acura 12th out of 15 (now 9th) on site performance when compared to competitors. Issues being faced were navigation that was confusing and a negative mobile experience. Additionally, there was a lack of up-to-date creative content, while the content they did have was taking up so much space that half of all visitors to the site never made it to the end of the page.

After working on developing a new social media module, changing menu navigation, improving mobile usability, and decreasing page size to display only key elements, site performance went from subpar to seamless. As a result, Acura was moved up 3 spots on the JD Power ranking system based on consumer feedback.


Understanding a user’s journey through the difficult process of buying a car helped drive a new initiative to incorporate a test and targeting system. By tracking a user’s each visit to the site, we can test ways on how best to help them get to the next step in finding their perfect vehicle. For example, first time visitors will get a specific layout to see if relevant awards are something they are interested in knowing when looking for a car. If they move on to a competing company’s site, we see that layout when the user returns to our page and can make a comparison. Finally, if a user has reached the step to customize their own vehicle, we can save their choices and show pricing options if they need more time make a decision. This process is easier and more efficient for a customer looking for the perfect ride.

Knowing that Augmented Reality is here to stay is what inspired the launch of this project to catch the attention of technology enthusiasts. Adding in this AR feature gets us a step closer to answering the popular question of “How would it look in my current lifestyle?”. Being able to customize your vehicle, then see it in the driveway in front of your home will surely help solidify why this car was made for you.

Giving users the added experience of seeing multiple angles, colors and add-ons for the exterior, while also viewing the look and feel of the interior shows them the many options that exist for customizing a car that is truly their own. The goal is the solidify the buyer’s confidence and avoid any surprises when they walk into the dealership.

Precision Crafted Performance is the future of this brand but it’s not a destination. It’s a mindset and a commitment to doing new and challenging things based on our own unique ideas for our customers.

- John Ikeda - Acura Vice President


Racing of all kinds is a lifestyle Acura is proud to highlight. Whether on the track or on the street, they want precision performance to be the key takeaway of your driving experience. Keeping this idea in mind was important for developing an AR experience for those who are at Acura’s racetrack to get stats and a course overview. The problem with racing is that it happens in the blink of an eye and we’re only getting a fraction of the whole experience. This new experience would give speed enthusiasts the statistics behind the car and the driver, as well as the records, technique, and an inside view from the driver’s seat.  So not only can buyers have this experience on the course, but also while at home on the couch! With Motorsports playing a key role in the image Acura wants to convey with their cars, creating an intense feeling of adventure that stimulates your nerves is what inspired my plans for every layout and video.