My first Global Award was won with Converse in 2014, based on my ability to best brand their company for their new Converse Chuck II Sneakers. I was in charge of reporting and promoting the sneaker’s new launch of the converse Chuck II. I accomplished many successful advertisement pieces with film and photography that I shot and edited myself. Creatively finding a theme to convey information about the new sneakers to all Converse employees globally was an inspiring challenge but I decided to make an 8 video series that acted as a day to day teaser for the new launch. 

Each day had a new adventurous theme on what it is like to wear Converse. For every day, there was a new video and photo gallery with a  snippet of information about what happened that day or what to expect in the future. To finalize the successful launch, I worked with a media crew to film one final video which included interview of many important figures that contributed to the release of the new sneakers and a published article I wrote.