Finding inspiration to go out and shoot for photographers and videographers can be difficult‭, ‬especially when you are new to a city‭. ‬CR8T‭ (‬Create‭), ‬was a project I designed to help give locals and tourist motivation to go out and adventure‭! ‬This involved making an interactive magazine and website‭ (‬‭) ‬using Photoshop‭, ‬Indesign‭, ‬HTML‭, ‬CSS and Javascript‭. ‬Inside you will‭ ‬find geo tagged photos taken by local photographers showcased to inspire you to go out into the city‭, ‬find the locations and create your own unique shots‭. ‬If users would like to take it further‭, ‬they can use applications like Aurasma or Layar in the magazine to link up their experience online to a website I designed‭. ‬Tag and follow us on Instagram and we will feature and repost your inspiring trip next‭!‬

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  • Client: CR8T
  • Year: 2015
  • Categories: Design, Web, User Experience