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Cue makes it easy to control your health with tests for sexual health, women’s health, food sensitivities, heart health and more. Take a test, talk to a clinician, and get treatment delivered fast. All from the comfort of home. Cue has been working towards reinventing how we manage our health by making diagnostic testing available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

As I started here at Cue, my goal was to help organize this platform and unify the design language from their app to their website to their back end dashboard systems. Here I was able to create a new design system using a new set of ADA colors, typography, icons and components that helped expedite the design process. We were able to start rethink who our main users were after consistent testing to help create a new homepage for the brand website that clearly guided users to a simple purchasing process.

Health in the palm of your hands.

Having one of the best products on the market to test at home was essential to our app experience. Our core goal was having our users take at home tests that starts and ends with our app. We were able to then expand our simple and easy to understand user journey to website as well allowing users to access our product from anywhere. You are now able to buy a test, take a test, and receive test results all on your phone and or computer.

Initially we started off which just Covid-19 tests however we were able to expand to over 30+ test experiences and variations. We created a consistent pattern for users to digest and learn all the information needed for their health care needs that lead to a simple check out. We even had redesign our dashboard for Health Care Professionals to makes sure the backend was simple and easy to understand. We now offer everything at home tests that range from fertility, STI, cardiometabolic, respiratory, cancer prevention and more.

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Creativity is the key to success in the future, and at home health care is the next new journey we can help make real changes to peoples lives.

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Cue needed an online home, a dashboard for health care professionals and a multipurpose application. With a new organized design system and updated user journey’s, Cue has been redesigned to overtake its competitors. Cue’s brand deserves a platform that will be a compelling and beautifully designed. It has to be an experience to differentiate itself from the competition and effectively communicates the value it brings. Now we’ve arrived at its doorsteps.

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Cue Health

Year: 2023
Categories: Design, Art Direction, User Experience

Creative Direction