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Giving Football is an LA based non-profit organization dedicated to providing soccer resources to underprivileged youth globally. Our mission is to bring donated soccer equipment to children around the world and provide them with the means to enjoy the beautiful game. We believe that soccer is the perfect vehicle for young people to develop leadership skills, integrity and a strong work ethic. Through the support of generous sponsors like yourself and community volunteers, we provide free soccer gear, training camps, and host games where they can showcase their talent. Not only are we giving these kids a day to remember but we give them a moment where they can just have fun and be a kid.Providing food and simple necessities are just another few key things we bring to the table with each trip. These are opportunities that the young people we serve cannot otherwise access due to lack of independent resources and funding. Any gift you provide, whether monetary or material, makes it possible for us to grow, reaching more children around the world through the universal language of soccer. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@givingfootball.com.


Creativity, persistence, and determination is the key to success in the future, and every child should have the opportunity to be successful.


Our first trip consisted of two orphanages and helping over 300 children! From designing the logo to the website to shooting the photography and video, I never would have guessed we would be able to such a great start and fund raise over thousands of dollars to help this cause! It’s not just a shirt with a logo on it. We’re more than that. We are a community with the same goals on trying to bridge the gap between all ages and all social status with football

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Year: 2018
Categories: Design, Art Direction, User Experience, Non-Profit



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