“Project Brandy”

Google, a company always ahead of trends, are about to start a huge new trend in advertising. “Project Brandy,”  was the name and this project was going to change the gaming in how companies can brand their image across mobile, tablet and desktop. There are new templates and new interactions to create unique memorable experiences for your targeted market. Being a part of the team with google and running this project as their Senior Designer lead me to a huge challenge from building personal communication plans in order to define and engage your target audience to creating multiple templated ad ideas and concepts to making sure all assets are hitting our goal timelines under pressure to meet strict weekly deadlines.  Overseeing designers, production artists, animators and developers to make sure everyone had a clear vision on what was expected with each assignment helped keep this project underway for an early launch.

The goal for this project was to create multiple ad campaigns using “mock companies,” to showcase how each ad could be effectively executed. Google Ads with Display & Video 360 needed not only new ad templates but a new website that would demonstrate each ad format and how it could benefit both the company and its targeted market. This site need to be easy to understand and simple to navigate.


Creating a diverse platform with multiple options for the user to experience an ad, will change the way we think about marketing.

Youtube Ad

TrueView for shopping features your products alongside a TrueView In-Stream ad.

Google Apps Ad

Promote your app across Google’s Largest properties.

Lightbox Ad

Interactive rich media ads that expand when users engage with them.


Having an interactive experience for the users is going to help really change how your target market views your ad.


Having experience in HTML, CSS, Video editing, Animation, UX, UI and Design really smoothed the way to help communicate how things should be done efficiently as well as being able to step in on other tasks last minute to help speed up the process and work load. Although the site will not be released until the end of July, this is a great glimpse on to all the work that has been done with Project Brandy so stay tuned.

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