Hyundai USA was looking for someone to bring unique insight and dynamic design to their brand site which one of the many things I was able to do for their website redesign. While designing the new, award-winning website for Hyundai, I lead multiple page design concepts and found creative solutions through the development of the new responsive site layout. I was responsible for creating and editing various video spots and teasers for a range of media platforms, including the Sonata’s Boston Super Bowl LIV Campaign spot, creating unique ways to showcase content and develop a cohesive digital campaign. Also being able to push Hyundai to new territories, we were able to create Hyundai’s first Augment Reality experience that allows customers to view the new Elantra right in their driveway in real time!

Website Redesign
  • Client: Hyundai
  • Year: 2020
  • Categories: Design, Art Direction, User Experience