LG Signature Kitchen Suite was looking to update their website and their brand guidelines. They wanted to put a focus on accessibility as well as restructuring their navigation allowing the user experience have a better flow. Utilizing the a specific color pallet as well as understanding the right size and spacing with fonts and copy really came to play for what they were looking for. In the end we developed layouts that were able to beautifully show their high end appliances as well as structuring copy to suit the impaired.

LG Signature Kitchen Suite Logo
LG Signature Kitchen Website RedesignLG Signature Kitchen Website Redesign Tablet ViewLG Signature Kitchen Website Redesign Mobile
LG Signature Kitchen Suite Virtual Kitchen Experience VR

LG Signature Kitchen needed to pivot and take on a new way of displaying their newest line of appliances. Through virtual reality we were able to take business and designers through our custom made kitchens that highlighted all of our appliances. You were able to walk through, choose, and experience every one of our appliances in a live environment!

Signature Kitchen Virtual Experience Screen 1Signature Kitchen Virtual Experience Screen 2Signature Kitchen Virtual Experience Screen 3