Toyota Website Redesign

My responsibility for was to push them into newer horizons by exploring innovative trends and design that push the limits of design. Through research and testing we created a new homepage that revolves around the creative story telling we see in each image. We wanted to create a new way to humanize Toyota by letting the content speak for itself and help influence the design of the page. Being able to provide the best recommendations for the automotive industry starts with this new design. Also introducing a new way to buy and sell a vehicle without ever having to leave the website is creating a new best in class experience.

How did we do it?

Every idea starts from a simple white board session where we can draw up concepts and compose ideas on sticky notes. From there we can define the problems, seek out new issues and create a new design.

The website was pitched with three concepts concluding to this final concept that revolved around “story telling.” The idea is to use more human centered imagery to mold the design and emotion of each Toyota page. We pull color from each image and let the content speak for itself. We also created a new way to purchase vehicles completely online. The main challenge of buying a vehicle can simply start with visiting a dealership. This new solution of being able to not only trade in your current vehicle but also buy a new one without ever needing to step foot into a dealership was an exciting new experience we were able to build.