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Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai's venture into Augmented Reality (AR) with its first AR experience for the new Elantra represents a groundbreaking shift in how customers interact with automotive brands. This innovative AR experience allows users to virtually place the Elantra in their driveways or on their desks, offering the ability to scale the vehicle to true-to-life size or down to a compact model. The immersive nature of the experience doesn't stop there; users can step inside the virtual car to explore the intricate details of its interior, experiencing the design and craftsmanship up close. The flexibility to modify the exterior color and rotate the vehicle for a 360-degree view adds another layer of personalization, letting customers truly visualize the Elantra as part of their lives. This leap into AR technology has significantly enhanced brand engagement, offering a novel way for customers to connect with the Elantra, and set a new standard for the customer experience in the automotive industry.

Website Redesign

In my role at Hyundai USA, I was at the forefront of transforming the digital customer journey through a comprehensive website redesign. My contributions spanned from revamping the homepage to reimagining vehicle pages and other critical paths, all aimed at crafting more engaging and responsive user experiences. A key innovation in this project was the adoption of a component-based system within Adobe Experience Manager. This strategic move facilitated faster page development and ensured uniformity across the design language, eliminating the need for repetitive coding efforts. This approach not only streamlined content management but also significantly enhanced the site's flexibility, allowing for seamless updates and consistent user experiences across the board. By focusing on intuitive navigation and immersive content, the redesign has empowered users to explore Hyundai's offerings in a more meaningful and connected way, ultimately elevating the brand's online presence and customer satisfaction.

Super Bowl

By utilizing the innovative Smart Park feature in the new Hyundai Sonata, we infused both the vehicle and the feature with an award-winning personality. This approach, with a distinctive “Bostian Accent,” added humor and charm, extending across the entire website for a comprehensive user experience.

To address the challenge of explaining “Remote Smart Parking Assist,” we introduced the term ‘Smaht Pahk.’ This playful abbreviation effectively conveyed the technology’s essence with a touch of amusement, leaving a lasting impact. By drawing from a beloved regional accent, we achieved a memorable and engaging way to introduce this groundbreaking technology. Check out the teaser…